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When running a business for customers, suppliers, investors and employees, accountability is expected. Therefore, as a business owner, you should be able to rely on financial reporting that is accurate, pricese and reliable, while simultaneously being compliant with the accounting rules and standards. AXP Advisors offers just that: reliable financial reporting and advice on improvements on profitability, financing, structuring and growth strategies. Financials show the overall health of your business, they interest not only your internal structure, but also tax authorities and financers. We ensure that your business is built on a solid financial foundation, one that can be relied on.


Tax legislation and regulation change constantly. However, tax has been and will be important for all entrepreneurs, especially when settling down in unknown business territory. Our experienced team of tax specialists will happily assist you in getting to know the tax legislation in the Netherlands, along with updating you on all the news regarding taxation. We aim to maintain a healthy relationship between you and the tax authorities. We will be there for both business and private matters, assisting wherever necessary. It’s not just about the facts, figures and numbers, it’s about people and trust.


Our team of experienced consultants will assist you in a wide variety of services, including but not limited to the following: mergers; stock transactions; corporate procurements and the establishment of new businesses. To add onto what we already offer, we will be there to assist in setting up the roots of your business in the Netherlands, while also providing agreements and contracts in multiple areas.

AXP Advisors

Ultimately, when choosing AXP, you’re not only choosing our excellent services, you are choosing a trustworthy partner. You can focus on doing business and leave all the administrative work to us! Our services are there to build trust and to solve problems. By doing this, we add value to the lives of our customers. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you, as a person or business, have pressing questions or when you want to hear more about our organization.

Here at AXP we believe in the basics. Our services will make both your personal life and your business life a little easier.

Financial administration, advice and financial reporting for small-and medium sized businesses, simple yet sophisticated. We are the ones you're looking for.
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New beginnings bring new challenges, we are here to help and to gather insights along the way.

We offer our clients help in setting up shop in the Netherlands. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each business.

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We ensure a profound understanding of doing business in the Netherlands.

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Save time by letting us assist you in becoming successful.

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Each of our services is custom made for the needs of our clients. Quality and flexibility is what sets us apart, but transparency and trust is what makes us who we are.