The Art of Perfumery: Francesca Bianchi’s Inspirational Journey

Francesca Bianchi And AXP Adviseurs

Francesca Bianchi’s journey in the perfume industry began seven years ago in an attic, where she created her very first three fragrances. What was once a personal passion has grown into an international enterprise, with her scents now sold in over 150 stores across 45 countries.

From the outset, Francesca understood the significance of collaboration and communication. She formed partnerships with content creators and emphasized the importance of honest reviews to nurture her brand’s growth. Initially, she produced only small quantities of her perfumes, but demand quickly soared. Within a year, she found herself compelled to outsource production. Today, she offers 18 different fragrances, including various special editions, and has even launched a new brand named ‘Hedonik.’

Francesca’s perfumes have garnered global recognition, a testament to her commitment to core values that set her brand apart. For her, perfume is more than just a scent; it is a work of art. These fragrances possess enduring intensity and are crafted with an eco-conscious mindset. Francesca’s dedication to her craft extends to her choice of suppliers, with raw materials sourced from a family-run business in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, and production carried out by an artisanal company in Milan, Italy.

Francesca Bianchi’s entrepreneurial journey stands as an inspiring example of how passion and hard work can lead to success in the perfume industry. In the following paragraphs, we will delve deeper into her collaboration with AXP Adviseurs and how it has contributed to her growth and innovation in this sector.

Collaboration with AXP Adviseurs

Several years ago, Francesca Bianchi and her team faced the challenge of finding a new advisor for their rapidly expanding business. After soliciting numerous proposals, they made a decision based on both a compelling offer and their intuition: AXP Adviseurs. What particularly appealed to Francesca and her team about AXP Adviseurs was the sense of trust they exuded. This choice has provided them with an invaluable peace of mind.

AXP Adviseurs has assumed responsibility for the entire spectrum of administrative tasks, including VAT declarations, annual financial statements, ICP notifications, and payroll administration. Thanks to advanced automation, these demands require minimal attention from Francesca and her team. The webshop operates on full automation, eliminating the burden of administrative chores.

In Francesca’s own words, “What I especially value is the helpfulness of the colleagues at AXP Adviseurs. They respond promptly to our inquiries, and when AXP doesn’t have the answer at hand, they seamlessly refer us to another party with the right solution. This partnership with AXP Adviseurs not only alleviates the administrative burden but also forms a collaboration centered on trust, efficiency, and support.”

International Entrepreneurship

Francesca, an international entrepreneur, has shared intriguing insights into the Dutch entrepreneurial landscape. She commends the helpfulness of Dutch government organizations while acknowledging that they can sometimes be perceived as bureaucratic, albeit nothing compared to the bureaucracy in Italy, in her own words.

Another noteworthy observation by Francesca is the digitalization of business processes in the Netherlands. She notes that nearly everything is handled online, occasionally complicating personal interactions. Fortunately, she can rely on AXP Adviseurs, which maintains contact with institutions like the Dutch Tax Authority.

So, what’s the current challenge for Francesca Bianchi? “Finding a new office space in Amsterdam that provides us with the room to fully realize our growth ambitions.”

Would you like to benefit from the advantages that AXP Adviseurs offers for your business? Whether it’s administrative support, financial advice, or efficiency enhancements, we’re here to assist you in achieving your business objectives. Contact us today and discover how we can co-write your success story. We look forward to collaborating with you and taking your business to new heights.

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