Innovation in Action: Robotics at AXP Adviseurs

Robotics at AXP

It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie: robots sitting alongside us at desks, managing accounts, and processing invoices. However, the reality of automation in administrative services is closer than many of us think. Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and automation technologies have opened doors to a new era of efficient and precise administrative processes.

At AXP Advisors, we are determined to turn this future into reality. We are taking the next step in automating and digitizing our administrative processes, not only to enhance our own efficiency but also to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions in administrative services. In this article, we explore the implications of this initiative with insights from our administrative team.

Insights from Our Team

Felix, our colleague in Amsterdam, explains, “With our new robotics software, recognizing invoice data has become an automated process. Essential details, such as invoice headers and line items, are automatically identified thanks to the recognition software. This means manual data entry is a thing of the past, saving a considerable amount of time. While invoices are still often printed and scanned, we believe the rise of e-invoices, in formats like UBL data files, will significantly change this procedure.”

“Automatically matching and booking invoices is a significant advantage of this software,” Felix continues. “The robot analyzes invoices and compares them with receipts, contracts, and purchase orders. This enables us to process more invoices in less time. Our colleagues only need to correct invoices with significant discrepancies. Moreover, we have the flexibility to establish booking standards for each supplier, including the ability to distribute across multiple lines. This empowers the robot to process and book invoices swiftly and accurately.”

“The impact on our reporting processes is also a major advantage,” Felix adds. “Due to the swift invoice processing, we can obtain data for monthly, quarterly, or yearly closures much faster. This applies to generating reports too, as all necessary information is instantly available. This means not only are we more efficient, but we also have up-to-date information at our fingertips whenever needed.”

Sam, our colleague in the financial department in Rotterdam, is closely involved in the implementation of our robotics project. He discusses the benefits this technological advancement brings. “One of the most striking advantages of robotics is that we can now serve more clients without compromising the quality of our services,” he says enthusiastically. “Our processes have become more efficient. We can handle complex administrative tasks with high precision and speed.”

“I enjoy guiding our clients through this process and showing them how this technology can transform their business operations. It’s satisfying to see them realize how much time and effort they can save thanks to these innovations.”

Felix states, “Robotics makes our work more enjoyable because we spend less time on repetitive tasks. This allows us to focus more on delivering value to our clients. We can now solve more complex problems and think strategically, making our work more engaging.”

Partnering with SMEs

Project leader Wim looks proudly to the future: “This automation step means we can now process large-scale administrations efficiently. This not only makes AXP Advisors a reliable partner but also an incredibly attractive one for large SMEs and institutions. With our optimized processes, we can swiftly and accurately handle substantial amounts of data while focusing on the specific needs of each client. This opens the door to new possibilities and strengthens our position as a progressive and dedicated service provider in the administrative sector.”

Would you like to benefit from the advantages that AXP Adviseurs offers for your business? Whether it’s administrative support, financial advice, or efficiency enhancements, we’re here to assist you in achieving your business objectives. Contact us today and discover how we can co-write your success story. We look forward to collaborating with you and taking your business to new heights.

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