Robotics, AI, and Valuable Management Reports at AXP Adviseurs


In today’s 24/7 operating economy, businesses are expected to be continuously available and capable of immediate delivery. These expectations extend to service providers and suppliers, as set by the businesses themselves. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs now demand real-time financial insights from their financial service providers in this ‘always on’ economy, where being constantly prepared is crucial.

AXP Adviseurs aspires to create value for our clients. We understand that financial administration is no longer just about managing numbers and documents. It’s about providing strategic insights and valuable support to optimize our clients’ business models. Evolving from merely processing data, we’ve become a data-driven company utilizing robotics and AI to transform this data into actionable information.

Financial service providers face a critical challenge today: how to continue creating value for clients in an ever-changing and tightening job market. In this era of digital transformation and technological advancements, many businesses have outsourced their financial administration to specialized service providers to strengthen their competitive position. AXP Adviseurs exemplifies such a provider, effectively employing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for our clients.

Robotics has enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of our services. Tasks like invoice processing are now automated, minimizing human errors. This ensures our clients can rely on dependable financial data, crucial for successful business management.

Moreover, we’ve assisted clients in saving costs. Through robotics and AI, we execute time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks faster and more cost-effectively. This empowers companies to deploy resources strategically and grow without being constrained by administrative burdens.

The latest innovations from AXP include the automation of the administrative process and the introduction of relevant management reports in layman’s terms, featuring enlightening graphics and explanations. We have yesterday’s figures under control and are focusing extra energy on the opportunities that arise tomorrow. Together, we can achieve significant advantages.

Automation of the Administrative Process

Repeating the same digital actions over and over is no longer contemporary. Nowadays, these automations in processes can be achieved with the help of digital robots performing repetitive tasks, pre-programmed and with total security. AXP, in collaboration with Lyanthe, combines administrative and accounting expertise with robotics, relieving us of administrative tasks. This allows AXP to work more efficiently and quickly, benefiting both the client and the office, and providing us with more job satisfaction.

With AXP Adviseurs at the helm, a world of possibilities opens up. We automate incoming and outgoing invoices into booking proposals, paying attention to detail where necessary. We utilize a central supplier database and booking rules per sector, focusing on exceptions across all administrations. Our advanced software enhances data quality and optimizes the traditional work process.

This means that both your employees and ours can concentrate on tasks that truly motivate them: engaging with the customer and adding value by solving real problems. And all of this without getting entangled in repetitive administrative work.

In today’s competitive job market, this is a valuable distinguishing aspect for both you and AXP Adviseurs, where finding and retaining talent is a challenge. And once talent is found, the onboarding process is smoother, as the robot via AXP takes on many administrative tasks.

Management Reports

It’s not uncommon for organizations to face stagnation or a lack of progress regularly. This stagnation issue is often caused by a lack of objective insight into the current state of the business.

At AXP Adviseurs, we understand that creating management reports that provide insight into a client’s revenue model is crucial. These reports serve as powerful tools to support our clients in understanding, optimizing, and managing their business performance. We create reports that truly benefit the entrepreneur. To ensure usability, the management reports adhere to these three pillars:

Reporting in entrepreneur language: Clear graphics and automatic explanations make the reports accessible. Yearly forecast module: Simulates where the company will land at the end of the year, prompting joint discussions about the future. Dynamic analysis modules: Provide additional customization by bringing the figures to life, offering insights into customers, suppliers, purchases, and gross margins.


Curious about what AXP Adviseurs can do for you? We would be happy to have a conversation with you. At AXP Adviseurs, we strive to create value for our clients, understanding that financial administration nowadays goes beyond just keeping track of numbers.

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