The ins and outs of corporate income tax


Are you an international entrepreneur ready to conquer the Dutch market? One essential aspect you need to grasp is Corporate Income Tax. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of this tax, shedding light on its impact and significance for international enterprises. From funding public services to influencing your business’s financial well-being, Corporate Income Tax plays a vital role in shaping your entrepreneurial journey. Join us as we explore the details and uncover how understanding and effectively managing this tax can unlock significant opportunities for your business in the Netherlands.


Corporate Income Tax, also known as Vennootschapsbelasting or VPB, is a tax levied on the taxable profit of your company. Throughout a single financial year, your company pays corporate income tax based on its taxable profit. However, you have the opportunity to reduce this taxable profit by utilizing deductible losses. While the financial year is often aligned with the calendar year, it can also be customized, allowing flexibility for a “broken” financial year spanning different months. Remember, the financial year declared in your company’s articles of association should align with the financial year for the corporate income tax return.

When it comes to taxes, different legal entities in the Netherlands follow varying rules. Private limited companies (bv) and public limited companies (nv) are obligated to file their corporate income tax returns. For private individuals, such as sole traders, taxes on their profits are paid through income tax (inkomstenbelasting). However, foundations and associations are only required to file corporation tax returns under specific circumstances. Understanding the tax obligations based on your entity type is essential to ensure compliance and make informed financial decisions.

Rates in 2023

The corporate income tax rates vary every year. The rates were in increased last year.

In 2023 rates are as follows:

For the taxable amount                                            Rate:

up to: € 200.000 19,0%
above € 200.000 25,8%

AXP Advisors:

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